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As a current or aspiring property owner, you deserve quality legal support from a detail-oriented attorney. Ideally, your lawyer will have a strong background in real property law, along with a firm grasp of Florida’s rapidly evolving legislation. A detail-oriented, results-driven lawyer, Lisa Ledbetter is happy to assist you with variances, zoning ordinance compliance, and a variety of other real property matters. She will work hard to ensure the best possible legal outcome, no matter how complicated your property case may seem.

What Is Real Property?

The term ‘real property’ extends beyond real estate to include not only land and structures affixed to it, but also associated legal rights. Real property law encompasses the land rights transferred from seller to buyer. These rights determine how property is bought, sold, used, and leased.

How a Daytona Beach Real Property Attorney Can Help

Your Daytona Beach real property lawyer can guide you through a variety of legal issues involving buying, selling, compliance, and dispute resolution. Common property matters at the Law Office of Lisa L. Ledbetter, Esq. include:

  • Drafting and reviewing real estate documents for buyers and sellers
  • Land use restrictions
  • Compliance with local zoning ordinances
  • Zoning variances
  • Resolving zoning disputes

With a solid background in international business and law, Lisa Ledbetter can help you with property matters that cross borders.

In the midst of estate planning? Your real property attorney can help you draft your will or trust in a way that removes many of the burdens of property transfer. Skilled in multiple areas of law, Lisa Ledbetter is uniquely qualified to handle cases involving the overlap of estate planning and real property.

Critical Attributes in a Real Property Lawyer

Your attorney should possess a thorough understanding of local legislation and how it impacts transfer, zoning, and use of your property. Attention to detail is crucial; even one seemingly small error could prove devastating. Proactive representation can reduce the likelihood of litigation, but if the need for court arises, you need a trial-ready lawyer on your side.

As you deal with the complications of real property and estate planning, look to the Law Office of Lisa L. Ledbetter for assistance. Equipped with a strong background in and working knowledge of real property law, Lisa Ledbetter will provide the legal support you need.

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