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Compassionate, yet proactive, Lisa Ledbetter is a wonderful advocate to have in your corner as you draft your will. She is also happy to assist with end of life documents such as living wills and powers of attorney. No matter your estate planning needs, you can count on her for compassionate and personalized representation.

Why You Need a Will

No matter your age or the size of your estate, it is important to protect it with a will. Your will designates the identity of your personal representative (who will be responsible for administering your estate) and the manner with which your property should be disbursed to beneficiaries. Without a will, the court will determine, according to Florida law, how your assets are distributed.  Moreover, not planning in advance, including executing a will in your own words for what you want to happen to your estate, could lead to major disputes between your surviving family members and others. Your will allows you to take control of your legacy and prevent family strife.

How a Dayton Beach Will Attorney Can Help

It’s important to work closely with a skilled attorney to develop your will. Although it is possible to draft a will without an attorney’s guidance, this approach is ill-advised. Your Florida attorney can take steps to ensure your document’s validity. This will make life easier for your personal representative, when the time comes to administer your estate and possibly go through the probate process. Your lawyer can also help you make key revisions should you undergo major life changes such as getting married, or having children, or getting a dissolution of marriage.

End of Life and Power of Attorney Documents

In addition to drafting a will, it is important to create end of life documents such as a living will, power of attorney assignment, and the designation of a healthcare advocate. Arguably just as important as your will, these documents ensure that you will be properly cared for if you one day become incapacitated. A living will allows you to state your health care wishes in the event of incapacitation. Power of attorney allows you to choose an agent to act on your behalf when you can no longer make critical decisions for yourself.

Whether your estate planning goals include drafting a will, a living will, or power of attorney, it’s important to seek counsel from an attorney you can trust. Look to Daytona Beach will attorney Lisa Ledbetter for support.

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