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Navigating Florida’s legal system can be challenging to face alone. With Just Scales, PLLC by your side, you can confront the obstacles with confidence, certain that your interests will be protected throughout your transaction or dispute.

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Attorney Ledbetter’s Philosophy

The attorney you choose can have a substantial impact on your case and your bottom line. Learn more about Ms. Ledbetter’s approach to handling matters tied to real estate law, estate planning or probate before you arrange your free phone consultation.

The Firm’s Services

Attorney Ledbetter has a proven record of success in advocating for clients struggling with land use planning, commercial leasing, residential real estate, wills and trusts, probate litigation and other legal issues.

Focused On Practical Solutions And Your Budget

There is legal framework in place for individuals and businesses struggling with real estate matters, end-of-life concerns or probate disputes. However, it can be overwhelming to try to make sense of these laws and legal procedures. Making a mistake can have costly and time-consuming consequences.

When you need to make the law work for you, turn to the team at Just Scales, PLLC. Firm founder, Lisa L. Ledbetter, brings over 15 years of legal experience to each case she takes. Before establishing Just Scales, PLLC, Ms. Ledbetter served in a preeminent area firm, where she successfully advocated for clients confronting complicated legal problems. She draws on her large law firm background when she tailors her plan of action for her clients today.

As a client of Just Scales, PLLC, you benefit from Ms. Ledbetter’s expansive legal understanding and her economical hands-on representation. Her impressive record of results proves that effective, strategic counsel does not need to be expensive.

Embracing A Proactive Approach To Minimize Legal Headaches

Attorney Ledbetter focuses on the long view when advising clients. She is a deliberate, meticulous legal professional, promoting her clients’ best interests throughout their situation. Because she believes that prevention is key to reducing conflicts, she will move quickly to address problems when they arise.

Ms. Ledbetter takes proactive measures whether she is reviewing real estate contracts, drafting a will or trust, or helping parties reach an agreement in a probate dispute. It is her goal that your problems will be resolved efficiently and civilly. Attorney Ledbetter recognizes the impact prolonged litigation can have on her clients’ financial and emotional well-being, so she strives to avoid taking matters to court whenever possible.

Legal matters can be contentious, but they do not need to become acrimonious. For an attorney who treats your concerns with the respect, skill and professionalism it requires, you can depend on Lisa Ledbetter.

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