Finding Straightforward Solutions To Your Complex Legal Problems

A Strong Legal Advocate On Your Side

If you are facing a legal matter, you want an advocate who will take the time to understand your challenges and goals and work with you to find a practical solution. Attorney Lisa L. Ledbetter has over 15 years of legal experience serving the people of Florida. She established Just Scales, PLLC, in order to focus on real estate, estate planning, probate and civil litigation. She has a passion for working with clients to create a legal plan that will successfully achieve their vision for the future for themselves and their families. You can learn more about Ms. Ledbetter here:

Making The Law Work For You

Excellent legal representation does not have to be expensive. Attorney Ledbetter began her career in a prestigious Florida law firm where she gained experience working on complex legal issues and began her track record of success. She now offers her experience to clients at a reasonable cost in order to help them achieve their goals. Her areas of practice include:

  • Real estate – Whether you are closing on the sale of your house or have a boundary dispute with your neighbor, attorney Ledbetter can help you through reviewing and drafting documents, negotiating a resolution or representing you in court.
  • Probate – When a loved one dies, handling their estate can feel overwhelming. Allow Ms. Ledbetter to help you handle the legal steps you need to take to settle the estate so you can focus on your family.
  • Wills and trusts – Estate planning can take many forms and should be tailored to the individual needs of each person. Ms. Ledbetter understands the options and can help you make the choices that best meet your needs.
  • Civil litigation – Sometimes even the best-laid plans run into unforeseen obstacles. If you have a civil dispute you need help with, attorney Ledbetter has the trial experience you want on your side.

These are broad areas of practice covering many types of legal issues. If you are unsure whether Just Scales, PLLC, would handle your case, simply call 386-777-2329 for a free 15-minute phone conference. In addition, attorney Ledbetter handles pro bono cases for the Alliance Defending Freedom and helps people challenge COVID-19 vaccine mandates on religious grounds.

Taking The Long View On Legal Disputes

Most people have no desire to end up in a courtroom battling over a legal disagreement. Ms. Ledbetter understands that litigation is probably not your first choice for solving your problem, but an important option to keep on the table. Avoiding litigation, however, will save you time and money.

The best way to avoid litigation is with well-written documents. Too often, people try to cut corners by preparing their own documents, only to end up entangled in a legal mess when things go wrong. For example, a properly drafted deed or a well-written trust can save you an enormous headache and prevent arguments down the road.

When disputes do arise, early intervention is key. Ms. Ledbetter will work to resolve the issue through negotiation, if possible. If litigation simply cannot be avoided, however, attorney Ledbetter is always prepared to take your case to trial. Her courtroom experience will give you peace of mind throughout the process.

Find A Solution Tailored To Your Situation

Ms. Ledbetter works hard to find client-focused solutions. As your attorney, she will look for the right resolution for your situation. Get started today by calling the Just Scales, PLLC, office in Daytona Beach at 386-777-2329 or reaching out online to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation.